A Sound of Thunder at Gow Langsford Gallery

Opening of new exhibition at Gow Langsford Gallery;Gregor Kregar ‘A Sound of Thunder’ at Lorne St, on Tuesday 17 October from 5 – 7 pm.

Gregor Kregar’s recent work builds upon his last exhibition at Gow Langsford Gallery in which he investigated aspects of evolution, domination and extinction. In A Sound of Thunder, Kregar develops the complexities of personal experience, popular culture and political-economic systems. The title of the exhibition pays homage to Ray Bradbury’s science fiction short story first published in 1952, in which he describes the present reality of a fascist uprising in 2055, contrasted with the possibility of time-travel to hunt for extinct species such as dinosaurs. Kregar is fascinated by the story’s premise that the death of a butterfly (discovered crushed on the protagonist’s boot on his return from a prehistoric safari) sets in motion a series of subtle changes that have drastic implications in the future.