A Sound of Thunder at Gow Langsford Gallery

Opening of new exhibition at Gow Langsford Gallery;Gregor Kregar ‘A Sound of Thunder’ at Lorne St, on Tuesday 17 October from 5 – 7 pm.

Gregor Kregar’s recent work builds upon his last exhibition at Gow Langsford Gallery in which he investigated aspects of evolution, domination and extinction. In A Sound of Thunder, Kregar develops the complexities of personal experience, popular culture and political-economic systems. The title of the exhibition pays homage to Ray Bradbury’s science fiction short story first published in 1952, in which he describes the present reality of a fascist uprising in 2055, contrasted with the possibility of time-travel to hunt for extinct species such as dinosaurs. Kregar is fascinated by the story’s premise that the death of a butterfly (discovered crushed on the protagonist’s boot on his return from a prehistoric safari) sets in motion a series of subtle changes that have drastic implications in the future.

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The Glass Pavilion Installed in Christchurch

Local and internationally-renowned artists will indulge Christchurch with a feast of work for six weeks only between 7 October – 18 November 2017.

Popping up all around the city, the artworks are linked via the SCAPE Public Art Walkway and connected by the theme Time in Space (territories and flow). Managing Curator, Heather Galbraith has an exciting mix of artworks. Expect to be wowed by giant sculptures, intrigued by some complex themes, and even experience art in the sky!

Auckland-based artist Gregor Kregar creates a site-responsive structure using handmade glass bricks, recycled wood and repurposed neon. This architectural folly offers a form of shelter, but is also open to the elements. It nods, to classic minimal sculptures of the 1960s and 1970s, but these materials also have a particular reading in Christchurch, given the vulnerability of brick and masonry buildings during the earthquakes. The materiality of this sculpture is highly evocative. The glass bricks shimmer and change colour as light passes over and through them, the simple circular structure is topped with a seemingly haphazard nest-like timber ‘roof’. At dusk the sculpture transforms into a beacon of light, and the work becomes a space for contemplation. The structure is built from repurposed and recycled industrial materials. The work seeks to acknowledge ways in which the fabric of the destroyed city has found a new purpose, and to pay homage to the fortitude and resilience of Christchurch communities.


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Paradox Void Installed

After a complex installation the group of permanent works is installed in Christchurch. Paradox Void is a group of wall and suspended works that were commissioned for a lane way at 123 Victoria Street in Christchurch. These structures allude to ideas of Utopian Flying machines and natural cloud formations.

@123 Victoria Street, Christchurch, NZ

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Perun Cloud Installed

Photo by Peter Clarke

This permanent wall work was commissioned for a new building on the corner of Spring Street and Flinders Lane in Central Melbourne.  Perun Cloud is illuminating dark urban laneway, transforming the space and creating an experience for someone walking through.

@35 Spring Street, Melbourne, Australia.


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Glass Room Finished

Glass Room is the latest project using the recycled glass brick and neon. The room is made out of more than 800 bricks and it is

positioned on the custom made floor made out of recycled timber.


Glass Room @ Headland Sculpture on the Gulf

Waiheke Island from Friday 27th January till Sunday 19th of February.

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Lost World-Wall Installed

Lost world 2Glass wall made out of 220, carefully cast, hand made, sinter blocks, that are illuminated with 25 neon lights, is standing as a feature piece of the exhibition. It is measuring 2.2×3.85×2.65m.

Opening tonight 5-7 @ Gow Langsford gallery, Lorne street


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Lost World at Gow Langsford Gallery

New exhibition by Gregor Kregar

Join us at the opening Tuesday 10 November, 5-7pmKregar_Ezine

In Lost World at  Gow langsford Gallery, Lorne Street, sculptor Gregor Kregar combines structures made from recycled glass with large stylized bronze dinosaurs. Through this unusual juxtaposition the artist creates an environment to surprise and engage the viewer. Kregar’s interest in dinosaurs was sparked by observing his four year old’s fascination for these creatures. Intrigued by reading him dinosaur books before bed each night and finding plastic replica all over the house, the artist was spurred to create his own setting in which to bring these prehistoric animals to life.

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Luminous Passage at Sydney Contemporary 2015

Gregor Kregar, Sydney Contemporary 20Luminous Passage was commissioned by Sydney Contemporary 2015 as part of the Installation Program. Breaking out of the confines of the booth, Installation Contemporary (curated by The Curators’ Department – Glenn Barkley, Ivan Muñiz Reed and Holly Williams) presented 12 innovative, site-specific and interactive works in unexpected places throughout the Art Fair.

Luminous Passage was a temporary structure that was constructed out of four tons of recycled timber that was painted white and had more than 200 coloured neon tubes wrapped around it. It was shaped as a glorious Triumphal arch that visitors could work through mimicking the arch ways that exist in the Carriageworks building where Sydney Contemporary takes place. The structure became a space of sanctuary and experience but also a functional space that visitors could walk through and socialize. This work is an exercise in architectural imagining with tangible application, which reconsiders waste for its real potential of spatial change.

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Reflective Lullaby-Frankie

The Gnome has landed

The Gnome has landed
If you’re driving along the highway nearing Melbourne you may have noticed a familiar sight.  Gregor Kregar has recently installed a nine meter tall metallic gnome at the Cranbourne Rd exit of Peninsula link. Reflective Lullaby is commissioned and owned by McClelland Sculpture Park. Over the next twenty five years McClelland Sculpture Park will commission artists to create large sculptures resulting in 14 major pieces displayed over the twenty five year duration.

To listen to Gregor Kregar talk with McClelland’s Director John Cunningham discuss the work, follow this link: http://www.abc.net.au/…/programs/booksandarts/gnomes/6621942

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Pin Wall is installed

Sarah Hughes and Gregor Kregar’s Pin Wall

Sarah Hughes and Gregor Kregar's Pin Wall

Pin Wall is a collaborative public artwork by artists Sara Hughes and Gregor Kregar. Commissioned by the Napier City Council, the work is situated on the Marine Parade side of the new wing of the museum building in Napier.

The work takes the form of a brightly coloured oversized pin cushion; created from 5000 porcelain glazed balls that project out from the building on stainless steel rods. The artists spent considerable time researching the MTG collection and wanted to create a work that responded to objects within it. They were particularly influenced by a group of 19th Century pin cushion and the Avis Higgs fabric design archive.

“We have referenced a design for a textile print by Avis Higgs depicting New Zealand flora and fauna and turned it into a mosaic of colour. Each pixel of colour will be represented by a pin head; depending on how the work is viewed it can take the form of a vibrant assortment of colour and form, or from a frontal position it will make a more representational image.“ – Sara Hughes.

The work takes a pin, an everyday object but one with much history; an expensive and rare item in 19th century, an object that was a common household item in the 20th Century and an item used less and less in 21st Century homes due to the low cost and availability of readymade garments.

“A pin is a device used for fastening objects or material together which we think creates a fitting metaphor for the Museum.”  -Sara Hughes.

The differing lengths of stainless steel rod give a three dimensional effect to the work. The porcelain pin heads pop out from the side of the building creating movement across its surface as the work responds to the changing weather conditions.

“We are thrilled to be creating this work for Napier and very excited that the work will soon be installed.” – Sara Hughes.

The work brings a dynamic new dimension to the landmark building and is the largest work created from porcelain in New Zealand.

For more information please visit: http://www.mtghawkesbay.com/whats-on/pin-wall/

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