Lost World

2015-2016, range of installations, bronze, cast glass and custom made neon lights, Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne, Bowen Galleries, Wellington

In Lost world sculptor Gregor Kregar combines structures made from recycled glass with large stylized bronze dinosaurs. Through this unusual juxtaposition the artist creates an environment to surprise and engage the viewer. Kregar’s interest in dinosaurs was sparked by observing his four year old’s fascination for these creatures. Intrigued by reading him dinosaur books before bed each night and finding plastic replica all over the house, the artist was spurred to create his own setting in which to bring these prehistoric animals to life.

Kregar’s dinosaurs inhabit the gallery alongside a large wall and upon structures that are all made out of recycled cast glass.  Glass is an extremely fragile material and here the union with bronze creates an alluring tension. The ‘cinder block’ form of the glass brick alludes to concrete block construction; utilitarian and practical but here their fragility and attraction creates a new tension.