Model For Liquid Geometry

Model for Liquid geometry 1 and 2, 2010, 1.3×1.2×0.6m each,custom made neon and plastic

Model For Liquid Geometry 1 and 2 show my exploration of geometry and mathematics. The pieces embody the contradictions of nature versus culture, and the mathematical versus a more intuitive artistic process. The structures look like chaotic webs of particles but are following a highly organized and precise system of building elements.

The works also explore the physiological reaction of the human eye; which affects the white surface of the work, making it appear to change colour because of the coloured light surrounding the work. This makes the white colour of the work look slightly green in the case of the pink neon and orange because of the blue neon. I used custom made neon that provokes these successive and complementary contrasts at the same time.