Paradox Void

2017, installation consisting out of suspended and wall works, stainless steel and neon lights, Christchurch, New Zealand

Paradox Void is a group of wall and suspended works that were commissioned for a lane way at 123 Victoria Street in Christchurch. These structures allude to ideas of Utopian flying machines and natural cloud formations. I like the idea of bringing clouds down to the ground to become focus of our attention. All the works are made out of mirror polished stainless steel that is very reflective and it always responds to the lighting conditions of the sites. The experience of sculpture completely changes during the night or day. During the day the natural light creates an ever changing series of delicate reflections and fragmentations of light that moves across the surface of the work as well as reflecting onto the surrounding area.

At night the reflection of neon light almost breaks the perspective and confuses the experience of the overall shape. The large hanging work in Christchurch is especially complex as it is suspended on an angle between tall (20m) and lower (6m) buildings and it has 30 custom made neons wrapped around it. It is an industrial scale metal object that is combined with fragile, custom made,neon glass lights.