Reflective Lullaby-Frankie

2015, 9x4x3m, marine grade stainless steel Peninsula Link Freeway, Melbourne, Australia

This work was commissioned by McClelland Sculpture Park ans Peninsula Link Freeway. It will be shown in the location next to the road for 4 years and than it will be relocated to McClelland Sculpture Park. The cute garden gnome is often over looked as purely kitsch and decorative yet the word gnome originates from the Greek, gnosis, which means knowledge. This gnome plays with the notion of heroic monumental sculpture; he is not the hero of one event but rather the funny philosopher of everyday life. He peers out over the landscape and the freeway, and looks reflective (in both senses). I see him as a comic-heroic ornament for the surrounding environment. The gnome is made out of mirror polished stainless steel; his unusually large scale transforms the site into ever-changing interactive experience in which the passing traffic becomes part of a kaleidoscopic reflection on the surface of the work.