Dwelling for Nordung in Ljubljana

Gnezdo za Noordundga


Since the beginning of time, mankind has considered it as an expression of its Earthly weakness and inadequacy to be bound to the Earth, to be unable to free itself from the mysterious shackles of gravity. Not without good reason then has the concept of the transcendental always been associated with the idea of weightlessness, the power “to be able freely to rise into the sky.” And most people even today still take it as a dogma that it is indeed unthinkable for Earthly beings ever to be able to escape the Earth. Is this point of view really justified?

Hermann Potocnik Noordung , ‘The Problem With Space Travel’

Gregor Kregar currently lives and works in Berlin; the city where the visionary Slovenian engineer and space scientist Herman Potocnik Ordung, first published his book  ‘The Problem With Space Travel’ in 1928. This book was one of the most influential texts contributing to development of Space exploration and rocket science.

While in Berlin Gregor is working on a structure inspired by Nordung’s great and anticipatory vision of the future. This work will further explore the possibility of mobile, floating utopian architecture. The sculptural construction will be designed for a location within Mestni Trg, in the old city center of Ljubljana. The work will be suspended in the air and will look like a reflective, crystal cloud.

The work will be showed in conjunction with a major survey exhibition of Slovenian Contemporary Sculpture in September 2009.