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Dwelling for Nordung in Ljubljana

Gregor Kregar currently lives and works in Berlin; the city where the visionary Slovenian engineer and space scientist Herman Potocnik Ordung, first published his book ‘The Problem With Space Travel’ in 1928. This book was one of the most influential texts contributing to development of Space exploration and rocket science.

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Residency at Kohler Co

Gregor was awarded a 2009 Arts/Industry Program Residency at Kohler Co.

This residency is undoubtedly the most unusual on-going collaboration between art and industry in the United States. Hundreds of emerging and established visual artists have benefited from the Arts/Industry program at Kohler Co. since its inception in 1974.


VANISH on Waiheke

Gregor Kregar is currently working on a large site-specific outdoor sculptural installation called Vanish. This installation is commissioned by Connells Bay Sculpture Park as one of their major projects for 2008.

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