Dwelling for Nordung/ Gnezdo za Nordunga


5×4.8x3m, stainless steel, Mestni Trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dwelling for Nordung/Gnezdo za Nordunga is a work resembling a utopian building structure that was inspired by the work of visionary Slovenian engineer Herman Potocnik Nordung. Nordung’s great and anticipatory vision of the future was documented in his book ‘The Problem With Space Travel’ that was first published in 1928 in Berlin. This book was one of the most influential texts contributing to development of Space exploration and rocket science.

The sculptural construction was designed for a location within Mestni Trg, in the old city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The work was growing throughout the space of the baroque square and looked like a reflective, crystal cloud.

The work was commissioned for a major survey exhibition of Slovenian Contemporary Sculpture in September 2009.