Fragmented Echo

2015, 3.6×2.5×2.5m, stainless steel, Christ Church Grammar School, Perth, Australia

‘Fragmented Echo’ was commissioned for Christ Church Grammar School in Perth to reflect the character of the School and to add to the aesthetic ambiance of the campus.

The sculpture is made out of more than 1000 components of laser cut, mirror polished stainless steel and measures 3.6×2.5×2.5m. ‘Fragmented Echo’ looks like a conglomeration of crystal like architectural and mathematical shapes and gives the appearance of a low flying cloud. The surface of the forms reflects the surounding space and this experience changes according to the angle of viewing. This effect creates an interactive experience of changing light and colour as the viewer moves through the space.

This sculpture looks like chaotic conglomeration of different triangular shapes but it is made out of 6 symmetric mirrored sections. The structure of this work explores the idea of how very complex geometric systems can be built out of basic shape like a triangle.