Transit Cloud

2015, installation view, aluminium, neon flex and porcelain, Infratil Building, New Lynn, Auckland

Tranzit Clouds is a collaborative project between Sara Hughes, Gregor Kregar and Davor Poapadic that was commissioned by Auckland Council for a major redevelopment of New Lynn Transport hub . It consist out of two major components. Four large aluminium cloud like constructions and a 40 m long dynamic colourful floor piece. Floor work is made out of 30 000 round porcelain tiles that are inserted into concrete. These dots form interlocking lines suggesting pathways and invite people to walk down the alley. The colour activates the ground and create a dynamic flow of line and colour. The sculptural components measure 6x5x4m each and are made out of aluminium and neon flex light and have the appearance of floating clouds between the two buildings . They are organic in from and structure contrasting with the harder edges of the surrounding architecture.