OKO 3, 2002, 10x7x7’ (305x213x213cm), cast glass and steel
Price-Waterhouse Coopers Tower, Auckland, New Zealand

OKO 3 was commissioned for the Price-Waterhouse Coopers Tower and is the last sculpture from the OKO series. It was designed as a permanent public art installation. It is positioned at the end of a busy pedestrian walkway and it gazes at the public walking by. The sculpture resembles some kind of lighthouse, a cone shaped structure with the light object on top. But this is not a usual lighthouse. It si a utopian image which combines great strength with shimmering delicacy. With its blue iris at one end, and a green one at the other; the  large glass eye connotes both blindness and 360 degree seeing. Like a giant globe, with its green and blue evoking the colours of the planet.