Paradox Void 2

Pardox Void 2, 2018, stainless steel and RGB LED lights, 6000 x 5000 x 5000mm. Main lobby, Symphony of the Seas Cruise Ship

Gregor’s Kregar’s staggeringly large sculpture Paradox Void is right at home in the central promenade of the world’s biggest cruise liner ‘Harmony of the Sea’. The Royal Caribbean’s newly completed vessel boasts a 10-storey slide, robot bartenders at the “Bionic Bar” and 12,000 different types of plants and trees.

The commissioned work is a mirror polished steel double ring structure that measures more than six meters tall. It houses colour changing LED lights triggered by motion and touch. It’s reflective surface mirrors and fragments the light and surrounding environment, altering perspectives and expanding the views into a fantastical kaleidoscopic mix of reflections of the main lobby. The artist notes “It is my intention that the work will reflect something different for every viewer; different colour sequences, self-reflection, thoughts and memories will be triggered leading to a journey into the unimaginable.” The shape and materials of the sculpture were designed to work harmoniously with the glass and metal construction of the ship itself. The artist envisions Paradox Void as a key visual element in the place making of the Main Lobby space and that it will create a strong and memorable visual impression.