Reflective Lullaby


Installation views, stainless steel, photographic wallpaper and mixed media Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne, Australia

For this project I transformed the usual rectangular, white walled Art Fair stand into a forest full of real trees and plants. The walls were covered with a photographic print that further enhanced this unusual environment. I created a number of large complex geometric structures for wall and floor. These structures were made out of sheet stainless steel and were accompanied by five individually hand modeled large gnomes cast in stainless steel. The surfaces of both objects were mirror polished and reflected the surrounding environment. The geometric structures and gnomes my appeared at first glance like an unusual combination, I was interested in this visual juxtaposition as well as the conceptual histories they share; where mysticism and science are intertwined. This site-specific installation created an interactive experience in which the viewer’s image and the environment of the art fair became part of a kaleidoscopic reflection on the surface of the work.