The Dream House Project


20x10x5m, discarded timber, Te Tuhi Center For The Arts, Auckland , NZ

The Dream House Project follows on from a series of international projects by Kregar exhibited between 2006-2008 in Sydney, New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. In these works Kregar explored through a variety of materials and scales the tensions between architectural theory and its physical reality, particularly of the Russian Constructivists.

The Dream House Project is a significant new development on this body of work. Kregar used the project as an opportunity to experiment with materials, construction and collaboration. The resulting installation is an enormous bird nest-like timber structure that viewers can walk through and sit within. Constructed entirely out of old discarded timber, the structure parasitically engulfs Te Tuhi’s foyer entrance in a complex web of wooden refuse.

In a nearby gallery space, Kregar also displays the dream architecture of local youth. In the weeks leading up to the exhibition, Kregar worked with over three hundred students from Elm Park Primary School to create drawings and cardboard models of their own dream houses. Together the installation and exhibition explore the importance of imagination, experimentation and spontaneity in creating dynamic architectural forms.