Clouds For Richards Pearse

5x5x4m each, Stainless steel and cold kathode lights, Christchurch Airport, Chrisctchurch, NZ

Clouds For Richard Pearse is an installation commissioned by the Christchurch Interenational Airport. It consists of three large stainless steel structures that appear like cloud forms floating in the atrium punctuated with blue cathode lights. The works are inspired by Cantabrian Richard Pearse’s pioneering experiments in aviation. In 1903 (nine months before the Wright Brothers flew their aircraft) Pearse flew and landed a powered airplane. I wanted to create a work that responded to the location and context of the new terminal building as well as commemorating Richard Pearse and his visionary inventive spirit. His achievement is remarkable and I wanted to draw attention to this great New Zealand accomplishment, one that represents the pioneering and resourceful character of New Zealand people.