Brick Bay Polyhedron


Brick Bay Polyhedron, 2007, 18x12x12’ (366x366x549cm), mirror-polished stainless steel
Brick Bay Sculpture Park, Matakana, NZ

Brick Bay Polyhedron is a complex structure assembled out of 220 modular equilateral triangles that are laser cut and bent out of mirror-polished stainless steel. This construction appears as a foreign – even alien – intrusion upon the landscape. Upon closer inspection, however, the Polyhedron replicates its physical environment. Sky, grass, bushes, trees and water are reflected in the sculpture. In turn, its very shape echoes the macrocosmic construction of natural elements by imitating natural molecular systems. The sculpture creates an interactive experience in which the viewer’s image becomes part of a kaleidoscopic reflection on the surface of the work.