Double Twist

2019, 12x5x5 and 5×3.7×1.8m sculptures, 6 sculptural seats, Stainless steel, wood and RGB LED lighting, Long Bay, Auckland


Double Twist is a combination of two reflective stainless arch structures that measure 12 x 8 x 5 meters and 5 x 3.7 x 1.8 m. The larger arch is positioned in the Long Bay Village Plaza and the smaller arch is positioned diagonally across the roundabout. The small arch is orientated on a perpendicular angle to the large arch. The two arches form a visual anchor that welcomes people to the Long Bay Village Plaza. The pair of arches creates a strong visual identity for the newly developed Long Bay Village and its Plaza.The sculptures are positioned in a way that invites visitors to walk through and around them.

The reflective skin of the structures mirrors and fragments the surrounding environment; altering perspectives and expanding views. To create a fantastical kaleidoscopic mix of reflections. The structures appearance changes according to the time of the day, the light conditions and the season, allowing the work to continually respond to its surroundings.

The physical aspect of these works reflects the constantly changing visual nature of the site they occupy. It is my intention that these works reflect something different for every viewer and passerby; self-reflection, thoughts and memories all may be triggered, leading to unique and memorable experiences.

It is my intention that the sculptures enhance and extend the use of the public square, creating a place where people can stop and view their surroundings in new ways.
The constructions resemble twisting, reflective, cloud or tree like structures.
The combination of forms in the constructions look like a maze of repeating crystalline mathematical forms that twist perspective and mirror the surrounding space of the outdoor area.