Matthew 12:12 Live -installation


Matthew 12:12 Live, 2003-2007, installation process
(installation process)

Matthew 12:12 Live is the title for a series of works that started in January 2003 as a live sculptural installation in Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition and continued in A&P Show, Christchurch Art Gallery in 2006 and finished in Telecom Prospect 2007, New Art New Zealand, City Gallery Wellington. It involved the placement of twelve live sheep in a white picket fenced enclosure. The participating sheep were dressed in a range of colourful custom-made woolen body suits; their woolen garments knitted out of pure New Zealand wool in a loose pattern.

These photographs show the installation process for Matthew 12:12 Live. Firstly a white picket fence was constructed in relation to the location and then I borrowed 12 young, female Romney sheep from a local farmer. They were first shorn and dressed and then transported to the site of the installation.

The wool was loosely fitted to the body with non-intrusive Velcro fasteners to allow maximum comfort for the sheep. This project was monitored and supported by the local SPCA and by a Doctor of Veterinary science.