Reflective Habitat

Reflective Habitat, 2013, 3.5x2x1.5m sculpture on 5.5×5.5x1m flotation device, stainless steel and steel

Reflective habitat is a sculpture designed for the lake at Brick Bay Sculpture Park. The sculpture has a submerged raft/device that allows the sculpture to float on the water and move around the lake in the wind.
Reflective habitat is a geometric structure assembled out of 360 modular equilateral triangles that are laser cut and bent out of mirror-polished stainless steel. This construction appears as a foreign – even alien – intrusion upon the landscape. Upon closer inspection, however, it replicates its physical environment. Sky, water,bushes and trees are reflected in the sculpture. In turn, its very shape echoes the macrocosmic construction of natural elements by imitating natural molecular systems.